Decorating Cake Pops!

7 Mar

I had a friend over the other day so we could decorate cake pop’s together! I made the cake the day before so that all we had to do was crumble the cake, add the frosting and shape the balls, then have a blast decorating them! We started running out of ideas so some of them are the same, but they tasted very good!!


3a  4a5a

We decided that next time we do this together, we’re gonna go all out and make something awesome!



Olive-Rosemary Bread

6 Mar

I found this yummy recipe in my cook book done by America’s Test Kitchen! It took me quite a few hours since I had to let it rise a couple times, but it was definitely worth the wait! The crust was crunchy because they had me spray the bread three times with water, in the first five minutes of it cooking, then bump down the temp! It was perfect! Everyone who tried it loved it, and I am definitely going to make it again :)!



Chocolate Swirl Buscuits

4 Mar

I found this recipe on and thought “I have to try that!” and so I did :)! It turned out great! I made these for breakfast this morning for my family, and we all enjoyed this sweet breakfast! If you want to find the recipe, go to !


Breakfast for my Family!

12 Feb

This morning, I got up at 7:30 to make breakfast for my family before my dad had to go to work! I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. It was all really yummy. I thought about taking pictures of our table and my plate to show you guys our filling breakfast, but I remembered when I was almost done eating, so that was a fail. But I will be sure to take pictures of the next things I make so I can show you. I’m hoping to start back up making more meals and desserts for my family, so I’ll be posting more in the near future :)!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

30 Nov

I had a really great Thanksgiving this year! I got to spend it with my family and some friends:). Sometimes the best memories are the one’s when everyone is just sitting around talking ^_^!

The food was pretty good too :)! I got to cook with my mom this year, and really enjoyed being in the kitchen with her! I made two casserole dishes that turned out super yummy ^_^. This year my mom also tried putting Dr. Pepper in with the turkey, and that made the turkey really yummy, it wasn’t dry :)!




DSC_0024 DSC_0026  DSC_0025



Peppermint Mocha & Oreo’s… Need I Say More?!

15 Nov

Sooo…. I was out today, just goin’ about my own buisness; then – while going through a green light, I thought, “Oh man, I know what I need… a Starbucks coffee ^_^!” So I made my turn into the Starbucks drive-through:). I was looking at all the amazing looking cakepops they had, but I didn’t have enough cash to buy both a coffee and a cakepop, so that thought quickly exited my brain ;)! Talking to my car, trying to make the perfect decision, I said, “I want to try something new! I always get a Java Chip Coffee, so I would like to expand my taste to other HOT coffee’s!! What should I get?!” I next looked over the holiday specials but thought “eh…” then on my way to say “I would like a Java Chip Coffee please?” My brain was going too slow and was stuck to the last coffee I read on the board that said “Peppermint Mocha” :D… well, I tried something new!! As I drove out of the parking lot, I tried a sip of my hot coffee and smiled “Mmmm!!”

When I got home I was kinda wanting something sweet to add to my coffee, so I looked in the freezer😉, we have ice cream… but that just didn’t blend right in my mind, so next I looked everywhere else and happened upon OREOS!!! *PERFECT*!!

Long story short, while the snow sits in my yard so beautifully and compliments the dead tree branches with it’s perfect white glow; I sit inside, warm and sipping my hot coffee and chopping on my oreos :)!

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m totally ready for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Yeah, here I come ^_^!







American White Bread

10 Nov

Wow, this bread is soooo yummy, it turned out perfectly :D! I got this recipe out of my new Cooks Illistrated Baking book, done by America’s Test Kitchen. This bread is amazing!

I’ve always been kinda scared to try to make sandwhich bread because my mom has tried and it never worked out… but I think it depends on the recipe… so I’m keepin’ this recipe and the wheat bread one too, because they’re the same pretty much – the only difference is one is wheat and one is white :)!

Mmmm, yummy ^_^ I highly recommend this recipe to everyone who wants to make yummy bread for their family!

Man, I’ve been on a roll :D!



Mmm, Mmmm, Good!

9 Nov

So Yeah, dinner was superb! Twisting up what I had with the Crunchy Baked Pork Chops definately tweeked the meal up :)… in a good way. I had Classic Irish Soda Bread – which is the easiest bread ever and it turns out everytime ^_^, and we had mashed potatoes and an interesting greenbean dish… the green beans were just weird, I mean there was bread crumbs, garlic, and parsley in them – but they tasted kinda bland:/ so next time I’ll be trying a different veggie recipe :)! Maybe not greenbeans – I don’t really like them.


The green beans that look cool:)



Tonight’s Dinner is Gonna be Superb!!

8 Nov

Well, I got today off so I decided to take advantage of  it and make dinner for my family:). I’ll be making the delicious Crunchy Baked Pork Chops again, only I’m gonna tweek the meal a little bit and instead of making the fancy mashed potatoes I’m going with the box potatoes (because they’re super yummy plus they’re super easy), and Classic Irish Soda bread and a veggie or salad – I haven’t decided yet… any ideas? Ya’ll have a couple hours to post comments if you can think of a yummy sounding salad or veggie to go with my dinnner :)! I was thinking maybe green beans, but that just didn’t sound like it went so well, so I was going to go ahead and just go with what I always do – salad… but I wanted to tweek things a little bit more, so yeppers… feel free to give ideas, I’m totally open to them!

Anywho, I’ll be posting that at around 8ish tonight, so keep you’re eyes open :D!

Talk to you soon,


Pan-Seared Chicken Beasts with Lemon and Chive Pan Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Cheesy Bread!

21 Oct

I’ve been pretty busy with my new job so I haven’t really had time to cook for my parents and brothers. But… I got Thursday’s and Saturday’s off now so I’m hoping that I will be able to cook dinner those two days each week and maybe even cook lunch for Sundays:).

This past Thursday I made this Pan-Seared Chicken Breast dish with Lemon and Chive Pan Sauce, mashed potatoes and this amazing Cheesy Bread!! It was all sooo yummy:) and definately keeper recipes.

I got all three recipes from America’s Test Kitchen. I think I’m really starting to love making bread now, this is the second bread I’ve made and they were both super easy, simple and took little time to make:), plus it was a lot of fun! My little brother really likes it… and apparently it doesn’t get nasty over a couple of days like other breads, because I made it Thursday and it’s still good, Matthew told me that it tasted really good :)!! I put a star next to it in my Cook’s Illistrated Baking CookBook:). Next, I am going to try their white sandwhich bread, maybe this week! So keep your eyes open:).

Now… back to dinner: chicken, mashed potatoes, and cheesy bread:) here are some pictures!


Here’s my Cheesy Bread! You should seriously try this, it was superb :)!


Well, if you can’t tell already, I am a big fan of America’s Test Kitchen! They have so many recipes that are fool proof and they work for busy people, so any stay at home mom/wife… America’s Test Kitchen is awesome :)!

:), Hannah

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